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for the reinstatement of the Railway between
Northbridge Street, Robertsbridge and Junction Road, Bodiam

The Planning Permission for the reinstatement of the railway line from Robertsbridge to Bodiam HAS BEEN APPROVED! 16/03/2017

February 2017:
"RVR have been advised by RDC that our Planning Application will be considered at its next Planning Committee meeting in March." RVR Trust

September 2016:
We have worked hard with the Environment Agency and undertaken additional wide ranging extensive and complex mathematical modelling to ensure that RVR will not compromise the local flood defences. This work has now been completed and is in the process of being agreed with the relevant authorities. It may still be some time before the Planning Application can be heard.

July 2016:
A decision on the Planning Application has been deferred until September 2016.

April 2016:
Changes in Government Guidelines and staff changes at the Environment Agency have necessitated further work on the Flood Risk Management and Assessment.This is in hand and will be agreed with the Environment Agency.

December 2015:
The planning decision is currently being deferred until January 2016. We hope to bring you further updates in due course.

UPDATE: August 2015:
The RVR Management Team have worked diligently with all the Authorities (and there are a 
considerable number) who need to be consulted about the reinstatement of RVR.
Earlier this year, we understood that we had resolved a way forward for the Planning Application with all of them. Unfortunately, staff changes at one authority have led to a change of policy and they have re-opened agreements we had reached previously.
We wish to ensure that all the key authorities are supportive of the reinstatement of RVR, to try to ensure that there are no outstanding issues which might cause problems for the Planning Authorities (who remain very supportive, as in the local authority district plan).

The discussions about responsibilities are complex and very technical, but we
have a number of solutions that we are progressing steadily. 
This has inevitably meant that the date for the Planning Committee to consider the application has had to be put back until full agreement has been reached.
We are confident that a way forward is being found and we will provide another update in two months’ time.
Gardner Crawley
RVR Chairman

We have now submitted our formal planning application to Rother District Council.

RVR Response to key concerns raised on the RDC Planning Portal – Click HERE

If you would like to send a letter / e-mail in support of the application,
this would be most helpful.

When you write in support please focus in particular on the economic benefit and mainline interchange option to reduce car-borne visitors to the area's attractions such as
Bodiam Castle and Tenterden Town.

The Planning Department, Rother District Council,
Town Hall, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex TN39 3JX

Post a comment via the website:

The full documentation is on the RDC planning website
[Accept] then enter [RR/2014/1608/P]

but for convenience here are copies of the principal supporting papers:

Planning Application
A21 Delays
Bridge 06
CCTV and Control Cabin
Environment Statement
Flood Risk Assessment
Local Economic Impact Study
Plan B (Sheet 2) Robertsbridge
Plan B (Sheet 3) Salehurst
Plan B (Sheet 4)
Plan B (Sheet 5)
Plan B (Sheet 6)
B2244 Road
Design & Access Statement
MMU Exec Summary
Traffic Delays
Economic Costs
Traffic Impact Study