All the work at the Railway is carried out by Volunteer Members of the RVRSA.

We are an extremely friendly group and are on site every Sunday and the occasional Wednesday (please check prior to setting off). The work is currently being undertaken by a group of regular volunteers who have achieved nothing less than a minor miracle in transforming the site to the stage where operations are now firmly within sight.

It is fair to say that the Railway is at what is probably the most exciting period of its development since the Association was formed.

Why not consider joining the team? Come down, have a look around, if you like what you see and can feel you can help, we want you.

You don’t need to be an expert on Railways, but if you are, great!

We don’t expect you to commit all your free time to the railway, but be warned, it can be infectious….

More Generally the work on site varies from:

  • working within the shop to track laying
  • construction through to maintenance
  • carriage and engine renovation and reconstruction
  • helping out at events
  • gardening / landscaping
  • even Legal and Surveying skills would be welcome

Nothing is obligatory and all hands are welcome. “It’s a Great Place to Learn”

To comply with insurance requirements, only paid up members are permitted to be active volunteers and work on the Railway or take part in any other Railway activity.

Join-up Time

K&ESR will need some 9 trained volunteers based at Robertsbridge Junction Station to make the joined up railway operate effectively. They are calling for volunteers to train as stationmasters, platform staff, shop staff etc.

Training is free, and if you start now then as join-up day approaches you will be experienced and qualified to work at Robertsbridge, and first in line for the new posts.

Sign up via the K&ESR website on the Become a Volunteer tab or email